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We are a coalition of consumers, business owners, professionals and allied groups who support everyone's right to choose food and products that have not been genetically modified.   We promote grassroots efforts that encourage informed and nourishing food options and choices through education and public awareness. 

GMO Free Begins with Me! 


The Alarming Truths About Genetically Modified Foods - Watch

Join us for a very informative interview between Jeffery Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. and senior research scientist at MIT. They will discuss the potential dangers of glyphosate which is better known by its commercial name, Roundup.

Dr. Seneff has co-authored two papers proposing a connection between the herbicide glyphosate and gluten sensitivity and most recently 

published a new study, Aluminum and Glyphosate Can Synergistically Induce Pineal Gland Pathology: Connection to Gut Dysbiosis and Neurological Disease.  Read Study

March 25, 2015

6:30 -8:30 pm

Prescott Public Library

Founders Suite A & B


What is a GMO?

A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic, hence they are also known as transgenic organisms.  This process may be called either Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM); they are one and the same.

Avoiding GMOs can be easy.   Learning the 8 commercially available genetically modified foods is the first step!

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"Tell Us What You're Growing"  Video -by  Celia.

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