Local Success Stories
Learn how eliminating GMOs has changed the lives of local folks and their pets!

  • After eating GMO free foods I have lost thirty pounds and my acid reflux has gone away. I feel better and have so much more energy. GMO free is the way to go.     GB, Prescott Valley

  • About a month and a half ago I put my dog and myself on an organic non-GMO diet. He had had skin, paws, and ear problems for 10 years starting every Spring. Within 2 days of his new diet, his auto-immune system began to heal and all the licking, chewing, biting, and scratching had/has stopped! I also experienced many healing of my various problems, most the result of chemo 8 years ago: bowel, allergies, dryness, depression, low energy level, aches and pains, etc. But, best of all, I am sleeping well--after 40 years. After much research and anecdotal evidence regarding animals, using only non-GMO foods is obvious for survival and health. I find it upsetting that this corruption and manipulation of our food supply was ever allowed in the first place and I feel that this is a "cancer" that is slowly spreading across the globe and must be stopped.       VH, Prescott

  • We are the caregivers for two tea cup Chihuahuas ages 8 and 2 years. We had been feeding them a Purina dog food that lists it’s top four ingredients as: Ground Yellow Corn, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Whole Wheat Flour. Being that these ingredients were not certified organic I had to assume that they were GMO ingredients. We decided to do an experiment and we bought some organic dog food from a company name Castor & Pollux called “Organix”. I put both of the foods in front of them and both dogs chose the organic food. We have since switched and the dogs have more energy, are more playful, and have much better digestion and elimination than they ever did before. We are sold. I am convinced that by eliminating the GMOs from our dogs’ diet we have upgraded their quality of life. Yes, the organic food costs more. However, the benefits over time far outweigh the initial investment.

CF, Prescott

  • I began eliminating GMOs from my diet after joining GMO-Free Prescott, 2 years later the health benefits are noticeable and numerous, they include: healthier digestion, increased energy, better sleep and decreased in seasonal allergies and colds. I was already purchasing primarily organic whole foods so my food costs did not increase that much. In fact they decrease as I eliminated the few processed foods I purchased.

After noticing the healthy changes we experienced it occurred to me to changes my pets diets as well. I have a 13 years dog with chronic allergies that often escalated to pneumonia several times a year. After switching to a GMO-free kibble and can food the episodes have almost disappeared and his overall well being is much better. The Vet said he looked like a much younger dog! We also adopted two feral kittens who had been fed a traditional commercial diet of GMO food. Within a week of changing their diets to GMO-free their diarrhea cleared up and they had more energy and were much happier. The slight cost increase of GMO-free food is completely offset by the decreased vet bills! -        LM, Prescott

  • In 2003 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I had to quickly learn how to survive without gluten. I began replacing the gluten in my diet with the usual substitutes, which are corn, soy, bean flours, and so forth. And after feeling better initially, I noticed that my health was still not optimum. At first, I thought it was just a normal recovery period post-celiac diagnosis. But systemic, head-to-toe symptoms plagued me for what turned out to be years. I lost days and weeks at a time with one illness or another...it was chronic and never-ending. Mornings were the worst, always waking up with what I referred to as “feeling poisoned” or “an awful hangover”. It seemed that my body was at war. I was no longer able to be employed in my usual line of work.  Eventually, I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist with ”Undifferentiated” Connective Tissue Disease and given medication that seemed to help somewhat with the chronic, system-wide inflammation. At that time another MD who practiced alternative medicine had ordered an expensive lab test that was covered by my health insurance. He told me that the results of the lab work indicated that I had a kind of neuro-toxicity going on and that it was actually causing DNA damage!

    Fast forward ten years. By now, I had visited scores of specialists and spent thousands of dollars. With our local GF support group we were very surprised to be hearing from non-celiac folks, reports of across-the-board-food allergies and sensitivities. It was a puzzle to me why suddenly so many people were having issues with gluten, to name just one. My primary care doctor stated that in his four doctor practice, they were seeing the same thing. He referred to this as “epidemic”. With my own health scenario, it had become rare to have more than one “good” day a week. Now I was being sent to an oncologist because of abnormal autoimmune markers. Even new systems in my body were being affected with kidney, heart and lung involvement as well.

    Eventually, I gave up on most conventional medicine. In an inspired moment, my husband had suggested “an elimination diet”. And my ND gave me a hand out on an inflammation diet; removing any and all inflammatory foods from what I ate, which included GMO’s. I was skeptical when I seemed to notice some initial improvement because I had had short periods of remission before. But I kept educating myself and became more and more disciplined about what I was putting into my mouth. I began a food journal and discovered that removing the GMO’s in particular, seemed to have a bearing on my symptom reduction.  Then, over a period of a few months, it became crystal clear that GMO’s were MORE THAN SUSPECT. GMO’s were very much a problem.

    My current observation is that my body was experiencing systemic issues that were being exacerbated by what I now view as “GMO poisoning”. Because of being gluten intolerant, I had actually become “the perfect storm” in 2003. This was because in the first few years of GMO’s being introduced in this country, I had also been diagnosed as a celiac. And I had run straight to GMO’s and had to consume more GMO’s than most people, but to survive.  

    It’s been over four months now that I have been gradually learning how to remove the GMO’s from my diet. My hair is growing back in a section where it had fallen out. My symptoms are less frequent and less intense. Before, I almost always was ill with systemic issues, and often multiple issues simultaneously. For the first time in years, I am now tolerating mild exercise without feeling like I have the flu for days following each class. While I still have ups and downs, there is clearly a change. I am now able to function most mornings and keep appointments, get to an early church service and so forth. This has been almost unheard of in nearly a decade!  Time will tell if all of my illness is going to diminish in time, but based on the percent of improvement I have experienced over the past months, I would not rule out that possibility  I am happy to share my personal experience in hopes that it may help others, including those who are choosing to or are required to eat gluten free. I still find all of this experience “surreal” and almost unbelievable, but still I am now adamant that GMO’s are poison for everyone. It just may not be evident right away for most people, as it was in my case, due to what I refer to as an “overdose” of GMO’s.  - DJ ,Prescott